Letter of support from the Union of Energy Workers of Slovenia to our friends in Greece. The same values and solidarity are the guarantee for victory!

Dear friends and colleagues in the energy sector of Greece,

With dismay, we read about the activities of your authorities who have embarked on the sale of the most crucial infrastructure in the country. In today’s times, selling any part of the energy sector is madness that must not happen under any circumstances.

We all know what this means for the employee in these companies, but we hope that the population of Greece also recognizes the significance of such actions. We have very bad experiences from other parts of Europe where the quality of services for citizens deteriorated in privatized public sector companies.

Furthermore, there is no serious study worldwide proving that privatized companies in the public sector, especially where energy is concerned, are more efficient than those in state ownership.

That is precisely why the Slovenian Energy trade Union (SDE) in Slovenia has been staunchly opposing any attempts at privatization for more than thirty years.

Dear brothers and colleagues in Greece, employees in the energy sector in Slovenia wholeheartedly and sincerely support your efforts to prevent privatization.

Be strong and persistent. With such dedication and the support of the broader public, you will undoubtedly succeed.

In solidarity!

Mitja C. Fabjan