Letter of support from the Petrol-Is union to colleagues in Greece who are fighting against the privatization of energy companies.

Dear brothers Georgios Skopelitis and Panagiotis Tsokos,

We have learned that your union Pan-Hellenic Energy Federation has been in mobilization for the
rights of you members, workers and general public in Greece.

Dear brothers,

As Petrol-İş, which has suffered so much from the damages and destructions of privatization of
energy sector in Türkiye, is fully on your side in your struggle against the privatization attack by the
capital and your government. We also support you in your fight for the extension of the existing
Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) in the whole energy sector in Greece.

We send our support and solidarity to you in your struggle. And we hope you success in your just

In Solidarity,

Süleyman Akyüz

Ahmet Baranlı
General Secretary

Solidarirty Letter from Petrol-İs of Turkiye Regarding Mobilisation