International Women’s Day

Dear colleagues,

Today’s March 8th is special in а way. Let us for a few moments leave aside history and the battles necessary to
achieve at least approximately equal rights for women.

I am talking about the 21st century, when practically all things have turned upside down, when all of a sudden it doesn’t
matter what gender you are, the only thing that matters is that we spend these turbulent times together. When we
already thought that after a few years we would start living at least approximately normally, without the virus that annoys
all of us, Ukraine has happened. We all follow with a fear news about the poor people leaving their homes, fleeing to
survive. Mothers who run away with their children in their arms, somewhere they can sleep peacefully. They only have
this in mind. All of a sudden without of any importance are TV commercials, the color of the walls in the new house. There
are no more dilemmas about choosing a fireplace, or tiles in the bathroom. Everything is reduced to mere basic survival.
Sad and unimaginable for 2022 , but perhaps we can at least roughly feel the problems of the fighters who began to
protest with the thought of a better and more equal life, so many years ago.

And so, dear colleagues, let us take advantage of what is given to us. Let us enjoy the beauties of our homeland, strive for
good relationships in the workplace, seek and respect the good things of each individual. Each of us wants to be
respected, each of us wants a better tomorrow.

And since Women’s Day is especially dedicated to you, dear female colleagues, we will be happy to use it for extra
attention and an additional smile.

Above all, we all sincerely wish that Women’s Day would be just about every day of the year, that we would meet every
day at work satisfied and with a friendly greeting.

That is why I am addressing to all of us. Only with joint efforts we will be better; we will be trying not to make only this
day special. The union proudly and successfully maintains the direction we chose many years ago: the fight for a better
tomorrow with solidarity which is a guarantee for our new successes.

Mitja Fabjan
General Secretary