Aggravation of the situation in the Kavala refinery

Athens, Belgrade, Ljubljana: Due to the aggravation of the situation in the Kavala refinery, on January 19, 2022 we convened an emergency virtual meeting of the management of the regional network of energy unions Retunsee and a representive of the PEF Federation from Greece. The meeting was attended by the President of the Retunsee Goran Takić, the President of the PEF Kontousiadis Panagiotis and the Retunsee Secretary General Mitja Fabjan. Due to the obligations of all present, the meeting could be organized only in the middle of the night.

Colleague Panagiotis presented the dramatic situation in the refinery and the forthcoming activities aimed at securing the social position of the refinery’s employees, who insist on their demands for a solution to the problem. The situation is getting worse and requires the support of all the unions in the network. A colleague from Greece pointed out the need for financial assistance to help their members, as the amount of funding is so large that they will not be able to do it themselves.

All those present agreed that together we will prepare the necessary activities for the leaders of the regional network and all trade union members. We are aware that only solidarity can bring victory against increasingly aggressive employers.

In Solidarity!