RETUNSEE solidarity letter to Greek people

Dear colleagues,
Whenever I watch the reports about the problems that are occurring to our friends in Greece, it is hard for me. Not so long ago, we were watching in horror the news about the floods that hit some parts of Greece; even before those problems were solved, even before the inhabitants could start to live normally in their homes again, we are already witnessing a worse disaster that struck your country.
If in the earlier case we have mainly seen the destruction of homes and towns, the latest news is terrifying and more tragic.
No words can be found for the dozens of human lives that have been lost in the terrible fires and especially for the painful and incomprehensible deaths of many children who have failed to escape the devastating fire.
Dear friends,
With pain in our hearts we sympathize with all those who lost their relatives in the fires.
Life must go on with the awareness of the reality that, unfortunately, the border between death and life is sometimes very thin.
The RETUNSEE Network expresses its sincere condolences and support to those that lost their relatives and friends in the fires and to all the Greek people during this difficult time.
In solidarity,
Mitja Fabjan
General Secretary